Composure Events

Signature Weddings.

At Composure Events, we’re known for our contemporary, innovative and uniquely stunning weddings.

Behind the scenes is a team that crafts and coordinates each event and experience with obsessive care and thought  to pull off smooth and impactful memories that last a lifetime. We work exclusively with vendors and venues who share our obsessive passion and unrivaled attention to detail. Each of our member priorities lie in caring for our clients and ensuring the event is created for them — not the other way around.

Cori Gibaud

Founder  |  Lead Event Planner

Cori was raised in a unique family life, spending her childhood and recent years traveling the world, being apart of the ‘behind the scenes’ for hundreds of global events.

She branched out and started working in events on her own in 2013 on the corporate level, with weddings, non-profit, and boutique events following closely behind.

Educated in International studies, she also knows many of the worlds customs, and enjoys working on multicultural events. Having a passion for global events causes her to encourage all her clients to think outside-of-the-box.